SquareMoji Island

SquareMoji Island is a physisc based, action-platformer madness filled with fun graphics, animations and challenging environments. This project has started from a simple tutorial about physic engine in GDevelop App, but soon it evolved in my main project and currently this game is in active development.
Please follow me on Twitter, YouTube and Discord for latest updates about this project

Free GDevelop Particles Library

GDevelop Particles is a free library of particle effects made with GDevelop App. All particle effects are easy to customize and free to use in your free or commercial projects.

3000+ Free Vector Icons

I have created these icons last year for my Market Place project which is now closed, and so i have decided to make all these icons available for free!
This library consist of 3000+ Free Vector icons well organized across 35+ categories. Each icon is available as .AI .EPS .SVG .ICONJAR and .PNG file in 7 different sizes.

The Mighty Rune (On Hold)

The Mighty Rune is a 2D pixel art adventure platformer. You will be helping a brave hero to return the stolen Magical Rune to his village. Explore mystical and dangerous places while you fight evil creatures along the journey to unravel the mystery of The Mighty Rune.
This game is currently on hold but you can still download a playable prototype build on Itch.io. Please report any issues/bugs or give any feedback and suggestions on my Discord Server . Your help is very appreciated :)

GDevelop Tutorials

Gdevelop is a very powerful, intuitive and 100% Free 2D Game Engine, and i totally recommend it for anyone who wants to start to learn about game development or just quickly turn any game idea into reality or into playable prototypes, but sometimes it is quite challenging to find some good tutorials about the engine, and so i have decided to start this YouTube Channel to help new starters with their GDevelop Projects. I publish at least 1 tutorial every week so please subscribe and stay tuned for new ones :)


Hi there and welcome! Wishforge Games is a one-man indie game studio founded by Andriy Matviychuk, with the aim to develop fun and challenging videogames. Currently i am working on a project called "SquareMoji Island" - a physics based, action-platformer madness filled with fun graphics, animations and challenging environments. To develop this game i am using GDevelop App, a powerful and very easy to use 2D game engine, make sure to check it out! I will post latest updates on a regular basis mainly on my Twitter, YouTube and Discord Accounts, so please follow me there :)